We bring contact lens fitting to a totally different level!

What is Claire?

“CLAIRE” (Contact Lens Artificial Intelligence Research and Engineering) is an Artificial Intelligence based APPs platform that provides Eye Care Professionals (ECP’s) with virtual technical support, calculations, and ordering tools for specialty contact lenses management. CLAIRE is the Nº1 platform in the market that aggregates solutions for specialty contact lenses (CL’s). The Premium apps are produced by CLAIRE’s team and bring additional advantages:


    • Easy and intuitive interface.
    • Reduction of additional technical support calls.
    • Immediate educational tips given throughout the fitting process.
    • The patient selection module mitigates errors and future complications.
    • Treatment traceability for patients’ follow up and Lens’ adjustment capabilities.
    • Lens ordering to the selected supplier.


Research has shown that ECP’s consider Specialty Contact Lens management as being time consuming (88%), and technically difficult (84%), which results in many lens changes (58%) and a decreased patient compliance. On top of that, 57% of inquired ECPs do contact their supplier’s technical support on a regularly basis. CLAIRE adds value by increasing efficiency, reducing time and costs during the fitting process, by allowing the ECP’s to minimize errors, increase their clinical portfolio and patient satisfaction.


CLAIRE offers different payment options for an easy access to premium web-based APPs. Additionally, we implement partnerships with contact lens manufacturers and distributors operating in fast-growing market segments like myopia, presbyopia and irregular cornea.

Who are we?

Luís Lopes

Co-Founder & CEO- Chief Executive Officer

Luís is an entrepreneur with a proficient experience in business management, sales, business development and marketing with extensive knowledge of the healthcare market trends in companies like Merck & Co, Schering-Plough, Organon and KEMIN Industries.

Rafael Clérigo

Co-Founder & CINO – Chief Innovation Officer

Doctor of Optometry and MSc in Advanced Contact Lens Fitting. More than 10 years of experience fitting specialty contact lens designs over high challenging eye conditions. In addition, Rafael has participated with Alicante’s University in the development of a new multifocal scleral lens.

Mário Costa Jr.

Chief Technology Officer – CTO

More than 15 years of project management experience in the IT field, having worked in a wide range of sectors including healthcare, academic research and insurance.

Senno van der Velde​

External Advisor

30+ years of experience in management and executive roles in BtoB chemical, engineering and food industry with leading companies in their fields such as Unilever, Sulzer, SigmaKalon (now PPG) and FrieslandCampina. In recent years, as interim, leading transformations and executing strategic initiatives such as setting up business groups/entities and M&A projects. In addition to the interim roles, Senno supports and invests in early stage start-ups.

Natasha Santos

External Digital Marketing Advisor

Natasha holds a BA in Business Studies with Marketing from the University of West London. She has over 4 years of experience in business and marketing roles of research; customer management; digital marketing strategy & execution and brand management assistance for the educational, FMCG and consultancy service industries.

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Users must access the platform through the login page and follow the instructions provided.

Paid apps were developed by CLAIRE’s tech team. They provide AI based virtual technical support, educational tips, video tutorials, lens ordering directly to your selected provider, all through a user-friendly interface.

CLAIRE platform works on a pay per use system basis. Users must acquire a certain amount of credits (1 credit = 1 Euro) depending on the number of lenses they are planning to adapt. Myopia apps requires 5 credits per lens, presbyopia apps require 3 credits per lens and irregular cornea apps requires 4 credits per lens. Discounts of 10%, 20% and 35% are available depending on the amount of selected lens. More details on pricing/discounts or cost simulations can be found when charging your credits fund.

Credits are deducted at the time of final lens calculation. No credits are deducted during the patient’s suitability assessment in the patient selection module. However, you will only be able to use the patient selection module if you have credits available in your account.

Yes, just type in the desired number of credits directly on the “Number of Credits” screen.

Credits can be shared between several eye care professionals, for example, from the same institution, group of opticians or a medical clinic.

Credits will not be deducted in lens parameter revisions or adjustments made during follow-up appointments, within the following deadlines:

  • Myopia lenses: 180 days from the last lens adjustment.
  • Presbyopia lenses: 60 days from the previous follow-up exam. 
  • Irregular cornea lenses: 120 days from the last lens adjustment.

Credits will be discounted again after these deadlines are exceeded.

You can find out all the available brands by selecting the “disease condition” (Myopia, Presbyopia, Irregular Cornea) on the home page.

Your credit card information is secured and managed by a PCI-certified payment provider that uses best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security. All card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256 encryption.

All data is secured and backed up daily. CLAIRE uses HTTPS, a secure protocol that encrypts all data between your computer and the cloud.




How to use the CRT® (Ortho-K lens) app



How to use the ICD® (scleral lens) app



How does CLAIRE’s credit top-up system work?